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About Rollabrella

We've Solved the Problem

2.2 million people in the United States depend on a mobility chair for day-to-day tasks. Rollabrella (patent pending) is a universal mount for umbrellas that fit any electric mobility chair or scooter. Whether it’s the middle of summer with a blazing sun beating down, springtime when the rain is pouring or even inclement weather such as snowfall or sleet, Rollabrella protects the person in their mobility chair.

We have come up with an affordable and user-friendly mobility chair accessory that is guaranteed to provide weather protection without all the hassle, it also fits on most outdoor lawn and folding chairs. Perfect for outdoor ball games, concerts, fishing and barbeques. 


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" My Rollabrella has brought me true comfort from the everyday elements ( Sun & Rain ). It has allowed me to be free from being stuck at home. Now I'm excited to do all the things I've only dreamt of Family events, Shopping, Outdoor activities Fishing and Camping and so much more. Overall I have to say what "JOY" my Rollabrella has brought me. Thank you Rollabrella!" 

Shawn Milo

 Rollabrella Model




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